Disease Emergence and Economic Evaluation of Altered Landscapes (DEAL) : Colaboration Research in Deforestation and Zoonosis Disease

Forests in Indonesia cover 68% of Indonesia’s total land area or equal to 4% of the world. However, this number...

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INDOHUN will host Global Health Young Leader in 5th GHSA Ministerial Meeting

The world is facing diseases of tomorrow that are inevitable and unpredictable. It appears as new infectious diseases causing global...

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World’s Cleanup Day: Indonesia’s War on Plastics

Since 2008, people all around the world come together to get rid our planet of trash, cleaning up litter and...

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One Health: How Far Have We Come, and Where Do We Go From Here

Long time ago in 20th century, Calvin Schwabe coined the concept of “one medicine”. It is an emerging concept that...

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INDOHUN Accelerate the implementation of Disease Prevention by Improving the Capacity of Prevent, Detect, and Respond Skill for Health Students in Asia Region

INDOHUN, as an organization specializing in capacity building for health resources, has been committing to contribute in strengthening the capacity...

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SEAOHUN 2018 International Conference New Schedule

We would like to announce that SEAOHUN 2018 International Conference has been postponed to 12-15 November 2018 with the abstract...

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