7 Oct 2019 //

Accelerating National Health Development through Innovation

Recently, INDOHUN organizes a national health innovation competition which was joined by many participants from multiple sectors. We have announced the winners already! Are you curious? Check out these brilliant winning ideas.

Winner: Diaretino
Nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy android-based classification system with indirect ophthalmoscopy as a screening method and early detection in diabetes mellitus patients.

First Runner Up: KIDNETWORK
KIDNETWORK is a digital platform to connect web design-based kidney transplant therapy. This program aims to solve BPJS over-cost problem. How? It provides easier access to kidney transplantation and more efficient lead time in profile matching between the donor and the recipient of kidney transplant in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients. It also has digital source funding to develop social movement aspect, thus improving patient’s quality of life. This platform has established collaborations with hospitals, Ministry of Helath, PERINEFRI, and supporting start up platform.

Second Runner Up: Nasu Suwoho
Nasu Suwoho is an innovation to solve health problems in Indonesia. It aims to reduce Rabies cases in Indonesia, monitor animal health status, and support Rabies Elimination in 2020. In order to achieve their big goal, we need help from corporate social responsibility of companies related to animal health and vaccine, governmental organization related to animal and human health, also sponsors from NGO, animal vaccine companies, etc.
We do hope that this is only the start of their journey towards advancing Indonesia’s health!