19 May 2021 //

Stay Healthy and Stress-Free during WFH? Yes We Can!


Work from home (WFH) has become commonplace in the pandemic era. Even though it seems more flexible, WFH creates anxiety among office workers because of the high risk of burnout when working from home. How come? The boundary between work and non-work becomes blurred, especially for those of us who are doing work from home for the first time. It seems difficult for us to put a strict border between professional and personal life. To show signs of loyalty and productivity, there is often a tendency for us to work all the time. Day to night, we haven’t moved from our laptops yet.


There is a great deal of research showing that it is crucial to establish a clear border between our professional and personal lives that is critical to our mental health. Even though it seems difficult, it is still feasible! How can we avoid burnout and stay physically and mentally healthy during WFH?


  1. Plan it out!

Make a clear plan, for example by making a to-do list every day. Also write down a list of your priorities on that day or week, so that our work becomes more organized and has clear targets. In addition, also complete the to-do list during productive hours where it is easier for you to focus.


  1. Avoid distraction

Distraction, from homework to smart device notifications, can significantly reduce our productivity while working. So, let’s get rid of any distractions that may appear first. Just put off watching episodes of your favorite dramas until your work is done. You can also impose rewards and punishments so that your satisfaction and discipline will increase.


  1. Don’t sit all the time!

Don’t let WFH limit our physical activity and make us even more tired. We can really walk around the house or just go up and down the stairs so that the body is getting fit. We can also breathe air outside the room so that the mind becomes clearer. Also apply sports that you can do while sitting as shared on our Instagram @indohun.id.


  1. Be realistic!

If we are already married and have children, then get ready to share our attention for the family. Understand our own condition, and try to allocate time properly between work and home responsibilities. Collaborate with our support system so that our professional and personal lives can run in balance.


So, how? Are there any other tips you’d like to share? Share with us on Instagram @indohun.id!