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One Health Collaboration Center (OHCC) Progress Throughout the Years

One Health Collaboration Center (OHCC) Progress Throughout the Years—Insight for Future’s Development

Since its establishment in the year of 2015, OHCC has made undeniably incredible progress. OHCC is developed to introduce and engage students and universities with One Health, and now it has grown to engage wider audience through its international-wide scaled programs. OHCC itself is an independent institution established in member’s universities Its goal is to integrate One Health research, academic and community outreach program into the students’ field of study—further opening their perspective of knowledge into the world of One Health, where collaboration of multi-sectoral health professional is an important base for an effective public health approach.

On April 2018, many grants, workshops, preparation for conferences and symposiums were held. This article will share you stories regarding the latest progress made by the OHCC of Gadjah Mada, Airlangga and Udayana University.

Meet Gadjah Mada University OHCC: The First Ever to be Established
Since its establishment in the year of 2015—which makes UGM to be the first university to have developed OHCC—Gadjah Mada University OHCC has created many astounding programs and events. Recently, by working together with the Center for Biotechnology Researches of UGM, UGM OHCC is granting two research grants, of which are the research of tuberculosis and the cryptosporidium and giardia Research (both are directed by Prof. Wayan T. Artama). The research of tuberculosis with the title of “Novel Nucleic Acid Amplification test for Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Mapping: Its Development and Application to Detect Zoonosis and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis on Field Using One Health Approach” is now in the phase of trials and analysis in lab. The second research with the title of “The Genetic Variation and Immunogenic Pattern of Cryptosporodium sp. and Giardia lamblia Isolates in Indonesia: Towards the Development of a Molecular-Based Diagnosis Tool” has already submitted to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

An interesting course which is the Summer Course of Komodo and Wildlife led by the UGM OHCC, with partnerships with Komodo Survival Program and Local government of Labuan Bajo, will be held in July 2018. UGM OHCC is now currently finishing the module for the course. Finally, a workshop of mobile health technology implementation in Indonesia, which also managed by the UGM OHCC, is going to take place in Swiss bel Hotel Yogyakarta this April.

Discovering Airlangga University OHCC’s Latest Projects
Working together with Gryphon Scientific, Airlangga OHCC and the University of Minnesota are currently working on a project called the “Development and Testing of Literature-Based Case Studies to Strengthen One Health Research Networks in Indonesia.”

Gryphon Scientific is a specialized, small business consulting practice comprised of life scientists and health researchers who apply rigorous scientific analysis to problems of global health and homeland security in the USA. Gryphon Scientific, in collaboration with the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) and the University of Minnesota (UMN), has received a grant from the Department of State Biosecurity Engagement Program to develop a training activity that strengthens One Health research networks between the academic, public health, and veterinary sectors in Indonesia. They are now in the middle of developing literature-based case studies and conducting two workshops which will explore how the exchange of information between sectors before and during a biological event can enhance outbreak prevention, detection, and response capabilities. The expected outcomes of this effort are to strengthen cross-sectoral relationships between One Health stakeholders in Indonesia and foster the application of research to national challenges in public health and veterinary practice, thereby enhancing Indonesia’s capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats. The project period of performance is from October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018.

OHCC Airlangga is now also in the middle of developing Airlangga Disease Prevention and Research Center-One Health Collaborating Center (ADPRC-OHCC), a platform formed by INDOHUN network that is located at the Airlangga University to support the implementation of One Health approach and its sustainability, especially in developing human resources related to students and academics through education activities, research, and community service of One Health.

On April 11th, Airlangga OHCC was graced by the presence of CNN Indonesia to talk about the risk of workers’ exposure of zoonotic diseases, farm biosafety and biosecurity, company’s policy and its regulation in Indonesia and the University of Minnesota to discuss about Airlangga’s laboratory role in one health approach, preparation of the 2nd Veterinary Medicine International Conference and the scientific publication workshop.

As mentioned before, Airlangga OHCC is currently preparing for the 2nd Veterinary Medicine International Conference, that is going to take place on July 4-5, 2018 (This conference is currently accepting paper submission and open registration, more info on http://conference.unair.ac.id/index.php/vmic2/vmic-2) and is preparing for an International Scientific Writing Workshop that will cover a broad range of topic including on how to conduct data analysis and paper writing by following the International journal’s standard.

What’s Currently Boiling in Udayana OHCC
Committed to support Bali’s progress towards the enhancement of human, animal and environmental health, Governor of Bali Province, Made Mangku Pastika, has supported Udayana OHCC since the beginning of its establishment.

A very interesting program initiated by the Udayana OHCC, the One Health Student Club (OHSC), has succeeded in making engagement to students to One Health to be more effective than ever before. OHSC is a platform for students to gather and collaborate in initiating One Health projects within the student’s environment.

Another project that Udayana OHCC is currently focusing on is the re-establishment of Travel Medicine Unit. Travel medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with the prevention and management of health problems of international travelers. With the help of our foremost respected doctor—Udayana University’s new rector, Prof. Dr. dr. A. A. Raka Sudewi, Sp. S(K)—the Initiation of Travel Medicine program in rapid progress. Travel Medicine Unit in Udayana University is chaired by dr. Made Agus Hendrayana, M.Ked and is supervised by Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, M.Si., Sp.MK (K) who is also Udayana’s Vice Dean of academic. Future plan includes the establishment of traveler’s clinic in the Udayana Hospital. This plan is carefully prepared and was consulted to Prof Saul Tzipori from Tuft University and Davidson H. Hamer, MD—who are both experts in Travel Medicine from Boston University.

Alessa Fahira
Indonesia One Health University Network
Communication and Networking Team

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