11 Nov 2018 //

INDOHUN empowered youth around the world to achieve One Health

Bali, Indonesia –  Amrina Rosyada, a final year student of medical school in Airlangga University, Surabaya started the first session of Global Health Young Leaders (GHYL) event this morning. She was an alumni of Global Health True Leaders (GHTL), one of the activities organized by INDOHUN, which invited young people to the field and solve a real case of diseases outbreak after given modules by international experts. GHTL first started in 2014 with 50 participants, now, there were 575 participants globally. Collaboration was the key point which was taught in the activity. Other than alumni from GHTL, the School of Global Health Diplomacy programs also sent their alumni to share their experience. Aghnia and Rodri mentioned that diplomacy was another important aspect to achieve global health since globalization in the modern world increased interconnectivity between countries. Thus, the GHD program by INDOHUN equipped the youth with exposure in multidiscipline background alongside negotiation and advocacy skill through 40 percent of classroom activities and 60 percent simulation.

Collaboration was once again highlighted by dr.  Theodola Baning, Head of Disease Control and Prevention of Kulonprogo Health District Office, emphasize with her experience on leading the investigation of the anthrax outbreak case in Yogyakarta in 2017. She mentioned that “Strengthening capacity of local officers to detect, prevent, and respond collaboratively was important. This urgency is in line with one of the missions of Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) to invest in workforce development.” To this need, the Infectious Disease Management Training came as a solution where she used One Health approach in focusing on the outbreak investigation.

To summarize, the event was highlighted the empowerment of youth to prevent, detect, and respond more complex problem in the future. Through USAID in Emerging Pandemic Threats-2 program, stands Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN) as the implementor of programs that designed for student and young professionals. There programs would enhance the GHSA score through zoonotic disease package in prevent, real-time surveillance and workforce development packages in detect, and linking public health and security authorities in respond. INDOHUN believe that by investing in young generation, the complex problems would be easy, effective, and efficient to resolve.

For more information on the international collaborative activities for youth please reach out to INDOHUN at www.indohun.org



Registration for GHYL event started at 07:30 WIT (Source: INDOHUN)

Session 1: Global Health True Leaders by Amrina Rosyada (Source: INDOHUN)

Session 2: Strengthening Global Youth Collaboration-perspectives from the Global Health Diplomacy by Rodri and Agnia from Global Health Diplomats (Source: INDOHUN)

Session 3 by Shafrison (Source: INDOHUN)

Session 4: Infectious Disease Management Training: Using One Health Approach by dr. Theodola Baning

Audiences in GHYL (Source: INDOHUN)

(left to right) Asti as the moderator, Amrina from GHTL, Rodri and Agnia from GHD, Shafrison from, dr. Head of Disease Control and Prevention of Kulon Progo Health District Office (Source: INDOHUN)